Rob’s Record Shop is a new podcast project, the name of the podcast comes from Rob’s favourite memories of spending hours at a time browsing in a record shop.  Rob goes back to his time working at CJCS-AM in Stratford Ontario for this great time in his life.  Ian Fraser was the owner of a little record shop called Laughing Gnome Records.  Rob would spend free time in the store looking through the record shops, listening to music and talking about anything with Ian.

It’s this memory that Rob wants to bring back in Rob’s Record Shop, the opportunity to talk about anything, especially music and politics.  The podcast will be an extension of Rob’s blog, #RedHeartBlueSign.  If you enjoy reading the blog, you’ll like the podcast!

Episodes will be posted here and will be available on iTunes, Google Podcasts and where ever you get your podcasts.

Please be patient, the test episode has been completed, now it’s time tot week and start recording the episodes that will be part of Season One of Rob’s Record Shop!