I have been writing #RedHeartBlueSign since 2011. I started writing the blog following the 2011 Ontario General Election and my first run as the Ontario Progressive Conservative candidate in Ottawa Centre.  The title of the blog comes from an article published about the 2011 campaign by then Carleton University Journalism student Emily Dickinson.  You can read her story here https://emilydickinsoncu.wordpress.com/politics/red-heart-blue-sign/.

My latest blog posts are listed here.  is part one of two posts with 60 years of the music of my life.  My 300th post will be posted in only a couple of weeks.  I can’t believe that I have almost written 300+ post in almost 10 years of having the blog.  It’s been fun and a pleasure to read your feedback and critiques.  #RedHeartBlueSign is my way to stay involved and do my part to challenge some of the ideas and politics.

My latest post was inspired by musician Bob Wiseman and his book ‘music lessons’.  Taken directly from his website the book is a hardcopy version of being online.  You can link directly by clicking here: https://redheartbluesign.wordpress.com/2021/02/14/bob-wiseman-inspired-this-blog-post/

Please take the time to read my latest post at https://redheartbluesign.wordpress.com, previous posts can be viewed at that link as well.

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