I am running to be your Ottawa RVP because I believe we can win all Ottawa area ridings, we need to give Ontario Progressive Conservative supporters a reason to vote Ontario PC.  I will work so that Ottawa area ridings are:

STABLE: I want all Riding Associations to be STABLE, that mean an active Board and an engaged membership

STRONG: I would like to see that all ridings are strong and prepared!

ELECTION READY: The next election is not until 2022, that doesn’t mean we can’t start building towards that date. ¬†Election ready means EDA’s are engaged with their members and have started to build their finances.

As the Ottawa Region RVP I pledge to:

  • attend one EDA Board meeting annually in each riding in the Ottawa Region
  • work to create an active Board of Directors engaging with their Riding members
  • be respectful of each Riding President and its Board of Directors
  • work with the PC Party Regional Organizer to create winnable conditions in all Ottawa region ridings

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